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Taking Classes @ Another Studio

Are there any MGK rules regarding taking classes at another Dojang AND another Discipline of TSD? I have a business trip in June to Tampa, Florida.. and have found TSD practitioners, one is a World Traditional Federation, and another is Moo Duk Kwan Federation. I know I have always seen the MGK's promote fellowship and brotherhood among all TSD'ers, but wanted to ask SBN Redfield what are the norms for this situation where you can't be at your home Dojang.

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Re: Taking Classes @ Another Studio

I always have a Dobahk with me when I travel. I check the local phone book when I check in and try calling. The instructors I have talked to are always willing to let a guest from another school/org attend class. Just remember you are a guest and are representing the MGK, you will be fine. you may see some differences between curriculum/ techniques/ and that can be a good learning experience in itself.
I have worked out in the past with World MDK Fed in St. Pete and have had positive experiences.

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Re: Re: Taking Classes @ Another Studio

What belt do you wear when you visit?

Re: Re: Re: Taking Classes @ Another Studio

I carry a plain black belt and my 4th dan belt, if I go to a MGK school I will wear my rank, if I go to a diff school I may wear the plain one, just so I can blend in and get a work out. It is a hit and miss thing, and something I go over with the instructor with beforehand, you know sometimes it's nice to just work out especially when I'm on vacation. Same as if I find a Hapkido school, I will just talk to the instructor first,then wear a plain black, not my rank belt. If your a Gup I think you should wear your appropriate rank so the instructor has a better idea of where you are in your training, I found most TSD schools have similar requirements for gups, the grabs may be different, the one steps may be too, but the forms and hand/foot techniques are generally the same.
The main thhing is to remember you are a guest, and to go with the flow.

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