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National Flag on the Kimono

I am new in Tang Soo Do, but I am very serious about it and I am trying to follow the rules. When I started my training few months ago my Instructor gave to me two Flags: Korean flag, and US flag, which I suppose to put on my uniform(kimono). But, I am from Poland and alhtough I live in US and I have strong connection with USA, I am Pole. The question is: can I put Polish flag on the uniform in addition to the US flag, or I have to choose or I have no choice and I must put what my Instructor gave it to me. I hesitate to ask my instructor about it because he is a really nice guy and I am not sure he would tell me what he is really think about it.

I will be very grateful if someone who have knowledge about Tang Soo Do tradition and norms answered on my question.
Thank you

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Re: National Flag on the Kimono

Hello Mieczyslaw,

The patches show respect to the countries:
A) That the art originated in-Korea.
B) The Country you are learning in, not nesesarily your country, I would see if you can find a patch with the Polish and U.S.A. flag crossed like here:

This one looks good


And show it to your instructor, I am sure he would not mind as long as he is aware of your strong National Pride

Tang Soo!

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Re: Re: National Flag on the Kimono

Thank you for your response. I will try to follow your suggestion. For me it would be a perfect solution, but as you said, I will ask my instructor first.

Thank you

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