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2008 North Carolina Tang Soo Do State Championship

Redfield Martial Arts is fielding 30 competitors for the tournament!! Not bad considering our enrollment is at a little over 60 right now!!



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TANG SOO!! - Redfield Martial Arts

WOW, What a "First Tournament Experience for me".. everyone did fantastic, no injuries, and it had a very nice local connection with this competition being so close to home. I can see Sawyer and I going to this event every time it is offered. I cannot truly express how much fun it was watching AND participating this time. There was so much to learn from everyone there, from the 10th Gups to the Master Belts. I would like to thank SBN Redfield for encouraging us to strive for excellence and work hard to learn all we can, and preparing us for all the tests and tournaments. His commitment to us, makes us want to come to class every week. Congrats to all the participants from RMA and other TSD organizations. I hope to see everyone in my age group (29 & Older) and Sawyers group (13 & over) next year with even more experience.

Tang Soo!!

Fred & Sawyer

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Re: TANG SOO!! - Redfield Martial Arts

Everyone did a fine job, I am very proud of you Win or Lose, you made the choice to step up and step in.

Anyone who competes knows what it feels like to travel to a competition, that wonderful blend of, excitement, apprehension, determination, nerves, adrenalin, etc, all can get addicting, So welcome to competition.

I need to get a final talley but I believe about twenty-seven out of thirty managed to place in the top three in their divisions!! some winning in both forms and sparring, well done people!!


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Re: Re: TANG SOO!! - Redfield Martial Arts


The Talley is in:
46 medals for Redfield Martial Arts:
6 Gold Medals
17 Silver Medals
18 Bronze Medals
5 4th
26 Medals were for Sparring
20 Medals were for Forms
1 Gold was for Forms
5 Gold were for Sparring

6 Silver were for Forms
11 Silver were for Sparring
10 Bronze were for Forms
8 Bronze were for Sparring
3 4th for Forms
2 4th for Sparring



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