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Good Luck to RMA Members in Texas

I am sure I speak for all the Redfield Martial Arts Families that could not go to the tournament in Texas, that we wish all participants good luck in all the events at the National Tournament in TX. SBN, and the Redfield Family, and All the Weidemanns anyone that I may have forgotten, have fun and we will see you on Tuesday with all the "hardware" and stories from the tournament.. We hope to go next year.

Good Luck, Tang SOO!!

Fred and Sawyer (The Simmons Family)

Martial Art Style TSD - MGK

Re: Good Luck to RMA Members in Texas

Thanks Fred...we had lots of fun. Internationals is just a great experience, you make friends whom you see once a year, the enthusiasm is just awesome amongst everyone.

The tournament is every July and we had to plan a year in advance to try to go! If there is any chance that anyone can get to nationals, you won't be disappointed.

Can't wait to find out where next years Nationals will be!