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Kama, Sai, and Bo

I was at the tournament in Fayetteville yesterday (I placed 1st sparring and 2nd forms by the way) and I was watching the other students compete for weapons and I noticed that there was not much diversity among the weapons that were demonstrated besides the Bo and knife. It seems to me that the Bo dominated the competition even though there is a plethora of weapons that have been demonstrated in the past and two of which that I have a particular interest in were not even included. These weapons are the Sai and Kama because of their versatility. I love the thought of how swiftly an opponent could be disarmed and slain with a pair of Sai but I am also incredibly fond with the idea of blocking an incoming Bo and disarming my foe with ease with a set of Kama. I say this speaking in a hypothetical manner by the way.

Is there a reason as to why this is? Is it just because a lot of people choose the Bo coincidentally? Or is it because the Bo and or knife are the only weapons offered to students? Also, do weapons such as Sai and Kama have any restrictions that have been placed for whatever reason? If not, can anyone point me to a set of DVDs that teach how to use the Sai and Kama?

Another thing, doesn't the use of weapons in 'the way of the open hand' contradict the art greatly? Perhaps the use of weapons has just recently been adopted and accepted in competitions?

P.S. I have a Bo right now, I've just never been taught how to use it.

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Re: Kama, Sai, and Bo

I believe Master Kopf answered your question privately very well, if you would like to learn a weapon not in the standard curriculum, lets see what you are interested in learning.
Master B. Redfield