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NEW FORUM, transfer from Invision Forum

Greetings, Pilgrim.
I decided to close out my Invision Bible Forum because it hardly got any traffic and I was spending $20 a month on it. I left it up through September so anyone interested would know how to get here (

I believe in a high amount of freedom of speech, but I intend to delete your post or block you if you post cuss words or blasphemy - or take the name of the Lord in vain.

Other Rules:
- Please do not criticize people's spelling or grammar or use of Capital letters.
- Please focus on issues rather than hurl insults at other posters (ad hominem attacks).
- Please do not post as "anonymous" or the like. Choose a screen name (or names if you want to play sock puppet).
- If U see that someone else has already used some screen name, don't use that one, make up your own.

BTW, as of now you can freely post here without any log in. I may have to add a password if things get out of hand.

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