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Re: Remedy

Hi David:

I used to sleep at an incline due to GERD/hiatal hernia, and stuffy nose problems, but this seemed to really tax my weak torso muscles...I guess they couldn't really relax completely in that position, or maybe didn't get enough blood flow to them at night because my blood pressure is low as it is and probably drops to "dead" when I'm alseep, but the end result was, they stopped working around 4pm and I would spend the evening stuck on my back with burning muscles because I literally did not have the strength to sit up.

Congrats on the box jump! I don't think I'm particularly capable of that task even when my myotonia is mild. I remember in Jr. High for P.E. once, they had us stand at a white line and then see how far we could jump from a standing start. The only thing I could think while waiting for my turn was "God I'm going to look stupid".

At the gym they have these wooden boxes of varying heights that people jump on from a standing start. Some of them are more than three feet high, and some of the guys can jump up on them. It's so alien to my physical capabilities that it just amazes me every time.

Type of Myotonia: Becker

Country: USA

Re: Remedy

Hi Jenna, poor circulation is suppose to be the good thing about this therapy it improves all circulation. At the beginning of the video he explains how lying inclined improves circulation. He also mentions that it's not like a hospital bed whereby you incline the top half/torso and leave the lower limbs still straight, you actually incline the whole bed from the floor/casters so you are sleeping flat but on an incline and he has found it helps BP.

As I stated I have just come across it and I am shocked at the difference it has made in my legs.


Type of Myotonia: CM

Country: UK

Re: Remedy

That's a really interesting interview. I have done this for many years, but I started because I had heart failure and the tilt really helped.

I suspect the effect for myotonia is somewhat related to steroid hormone production. The adrenals produce different amounts in different positions, so something at a different angle that completely horizontal may change the steroid production which in turn would alter potassium balance and reduce myotonia.

Hope it continues to give you good results!


Type of Myotonia: Thomsen's

Country: US