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Re: Does hot weather really help relieve mytonia symptoms?

Hi Tom:

While most people with myotonia that I have heard from on this subject say that cold aggravates their myotonia, a small number of people have said that heat aggravates their myotonia, though I think most of the people who said heat made their myotonia worse tended to have some form of periodic paralysis.

Cold tends to make my myotonia worse. In fact I have dislocated things before because my muscles got so tense in the cold that they've popped things out of place. Heat makes the weakness worse.

Type of Myotonia: Becker

Country: USA

Re: Does hot weather really help relieve mytonia symptoms?

Hi Tom

The same is to me: At about 32° Celsius I can move normally. No pain, no cramp, no stiffness.
But I do live in Switzerland :-( So sometimes I take a hot shower to enjoy that feeling of being healthy.

it is a dream of mine to live in a hot country, but there is everywhere aircondition and that would spoil the positiv effect of the heat.


Type of Myotonia: unknown

Country: Switzerland

Re: Does hot weather really help relieve mytonia symptoms?

Hey Tom,
In my experience, heat does help but only through the form of showers and heating pads. Whenever i go on holiday or whenever it's summer time, my muscles go to pot and i become lethargic and sore. Although, i do seem to be able to move easier. This seems a good question which i think i'm going to talk to my specialist about.
from Paige

Type of Myotonia: becker

Country: UK