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Re: blood pressure meds

Thanks Jane!
I don't have diabetes or COPD, but have had a lot of stress this year. I am a nurse and work in a very busy ER, and my BP at work is usually quite good no matter how busy it is. Unfortunately I have "white coat syndrome", and when I go to see my doctor, it is usually high 150/90 range. The nurse there does a cycle of 3 pressures over 10 minutes, and the 2nd and 3rd pressures are much higher. I explained to her that after the first one, my bicep starts to spasm, and by the 3rd it is rock hard. I am pretty sure that this affecting the reading? I can usually feel when it is up, like when I walk into his office. I am just finishing a month of Coversyl 4 mg daily, and I am not happy with the side effects. After about 3 days I started having the irritating dry cough, that randomly happens, and the the increase in muscle twitches. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk to him about this. Thanks! Judy

Type of Myotonia: thomsen's

Country: Canada