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Re: Magnesium

Magnesium can help as long as you don't use too much (it will increase potassium levels which in turn can worsen myotonia). It would take quite a bit to do that, so I would just work up gradually and stop at the dosage where you see relief.

I would suggest magnesium oil so that your daughter doesn't have to swallow a pill. I've gotten very good feedback. It may burn just a little - some people say they spray it on the bottom of their feet to avoid that. This is a brand that has very good reviews:

Magnesium Oil

I know most children don't like spicy foods, but if she can gradually get used to the taste of hot peppers (salsa, Tabasco sauce, pepper flakes) it can really help with the stiffness.

Here is a medical journal article about using magnesium and calcium to help relieve myotonia.

Magnesium and Calcium for CLCN1 Myotonia

You can buy a combination of the two in a capsule form which could be opened and mixed into juice or something like yogurt or ice cream:

Calcium Citrate Plus Magnesium


Type of Myotonia: Thomsen's

Country: US

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