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I need to have a hip relpacement!

I am very concerned about my muscles being cut during the surgery. I want to have it done with an anterior approach so they will not be cut. But even that is not guaranteed! So should I stop worrying about that. I know about the anesthesia contraindications so I'm sure I can scare them enough to take care of me. Any input I sure would appreciate. Thanks!!!

Type of Myotonia: MC Becker's

Country: USA

Re: I need to have a hip relpacement!

Nina, I had responded to your message last week and for some reason it didn't show up on the forum.

On my website there is an anesthesia protocol:
Anethesia Protocol for MC

Also this is a link to the article "Coping with Anesthesia" mentioned in the PDF:
MDA Quest: Coping with Anesthesia

Many people in my family and many on the forum have used the protocol for surgery and had no complications.

As far as muscles being cut, we don't have any problem with wound healing unless there is another condition an addition to MC which might affect that (like diabetes). But I'm with you, I would avoid it if at all possible just because it will make recovery so much faster. And as cut muscles are healing, they may have more myotonia because of the natural response to pain.


Type of Myotonia: Thomsen's

Country: US

Re: I need to have a hip relpacement!

Thanks for responding Jan!
I have used the info from the MDA on anesthesia in the past. I will copy the info from this forum for this surgery. Thanks for the info I will feel better not having to much muscle destruction. Nina

Type of Myotonia: MC Becker's

Country: USA