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strength and stamina

Hello everybody,

I am John and have mc Becker. Symptons started to show when i was about 4-5 years old, i could suddenly freeze up and fall etc... I couldnt do much sports or activities with friends because i couldnt keep up with them. For example when we ran 50 meter i wasnt even half way and my friends already where at the finish line.. The only thing i loved to do was swimming, not fast or anything butt i could do it for hours. Without getting exhausted. I eveb played soccer for some years. When i got older my doctor told me i had mc thompson and to do as little sports possible because of the muscle hypertrophy, so when the years past and i got older, i gained alot of weight.. at one point i weight in a 105kg and just 1.66m. Just a few years back when i became a father, i did a dna test, the result, mc Becker. So a year ago i got a new doctor, i told her about my previous doctor who had adviced me to do as little as possible, she said that its an old fashioned point of view some doctors had in the past butt that some activity couldnt hurt me. So i started walking, doing some weight excersises 2kg (not any heavy lifting), sit ups, push ups etc.. i lost 30kg and am now weighing 75kg.. Now here are my guestions, and i hope somebody can inlighten me.. i thought having mc, is compareing yourself with a diesel motor, it takes some time to warm up and then off you go. Just like when i was a kidd and ran that 50meter sprint the first 25 meter were the hardest, butt the last 25 meter i ran like the wind. Now for the last six months i am doing my excersises, butt the push ups and sit ups are as hard as the first week i started. So why arent i gaining strength? I cant run.. walking is fine, butt when i try to run my legs wont bent, i am like a one legged pirate with a wooden leg trying to run, butt my body is saying no somehow.. butt when i was a kidd i only had starting issues. I tryed to swimm butt one minut in and all my muscles got cramps... when i was a kidd i swam hours. The weightlifting i can only take on 2 kg when i try 3 or 4kg i cant even get them up... i am trying this for six months now and yes i thought it wouldnt be easy to get fitt again, butt i am losing the weight, butt not getting the strength or stamina back.. How is this possible? I shoot be seeing some improvements by now regarding my strength and stamina?

Type of Myotonia: Becker

Country: Belgium

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