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Re: Medications

By dependent I mean that if I go off of it for even a day I start getting stiffer(as expected) but after two or three days I literally cannot get out of bed without fighting every muscle in my body. It feels like I am even stiffer than what is was before I went on the medication, but that might must be because I haven't felt that way for long periods for 11 years. I cannot live without this drug unless I were to spend a lot of time off of it trying to get used to how my body reacts and how sevre those reactions are.

I do understand you wanting to try it cause your mc is too strong. Talk to your parents about it and let them know you want to try this.
One other thing I have noticed is that, when I started I took 1 dose(1 pill) each day. Now I take up to 8 doses because my body is getting used to the medication and I still have stiffness lingering all the time.

I hope I could help.

Type of Myotonia: Thomsen

Country: Canada

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