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Re: Sjogren's Syndrome ?


I suffer from the Sjögren Syndrom and Myotonia. My ANA is 1:350 and my eyes are absolutely dry as well as my throat and lungs. I do have stiffness, musclepain, fasciculations and symptoms of a mild periodic paralysis after activities. My EMG shows myotonic (or pseudomyotonic patterns, every doctor says something else). The muscular problems get worse with cold, hunger, stress, infections, menstruation/hormons and injuries.

My bloodresults are all ok, exept the mild increase of ANA, I dont have polymyositis, so it's not prouved that the sicca syndrom has an autoimmune cause. Many family members suffer/ed from the same problems, so it has to be a genetic defect. But up to now they didn't find the mutation, I should do a chromosomal mirco-array, but the costs are not covered.

So I'm living without diagnosis and treatment.


Type of Myotonia: unknown

Country: Switzerland