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Re: Military

I wanted to thank everyone for their very helpful reply to my question. I am really glad I have found a website like this with people I can relate too. When i first posted that question I was not sure about my options and chose to enroll in school instead. aside from the MC, I also deal with clinical depression which probably stemmed from my childhood dealing with mc. I also did not really have a family to teach me much about discipline and hard work and etc. Anyways, I ended up enrolling at a community college and failed most of my classes. Not because i am stupid but because i was lazy and depressed and etc. I believe the military will help me out a lot plus my medication and counseling. Physically I can play sports, I love sports. I was told when i was younger that I would not be able too play sports or gain a career involving physical activity and that lit a fire under me and I have played soccer, basketball, football, and tennis. Now the military is something I believe will give me the right direction and motivation and organization. I will also have the opportunity to serve this country and also have something to be very proud of. I will update you guys on what happens with the recruiter. Thank you for the help.
Kasim Hussein

Type of Myotonia: thompson

Country: USA