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Printing the manuals

I'm having trouble printing the XA-2 manual. Nothing I tell my computer or printer will result in getting the entire two, side-by-side pages of the manual on one piece of paper...not even legal size. What am I doing wrong?? I've told it "landscape"...."Portrait"
"Legeal","Illegal" name it. Anybody have any tips for this (nearly) computer illiterate guy?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Printing the manuals

Sorry Brian - they are not very clever are they! Unfortunately we don't have a PDF of the manual and Olympus America don't provide one. I have a actual paper copy and I'll try to scan it better that the one there now.

Re: Printing the manuals - Good News!

I now have the XA2 manual as some PDF files on the site. They are much better than the old JPGs. Thanks to PrimoPDF - a great free PDF printer.

Thanks Martin!