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Re: xa secret

How long is the longest exposure time?

Re: Re: xa secret (exposure time)

The manual says 10 seconds, but I think it will go even longer.

Re: Re: Re: xa secret (exposure time)

I don't recall exactly, but I believe it is substantially longer. And I'm not sure I agree about the original post, as I have made XA shots at night with a campfire in the scene on chrome film, and everything worked well. It is likely (this was many, many years ago!) that I used the backlight compensation switch which was sufficient to compensate for the brightness of the campfire.


Re:xa secret (exposure time)

I have also used either the backlight compensation or the fiddling with the ASA (so I could use the the self-timer) to help extend the exposure time on my XA. But I do think the idea in the original post would work as well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: xa secret (exposure time)

the exposure time on the XA is 16 seconds.

this is one of the reasons why it's liked more than minox by the night photographers :)