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Re: Re: Re: XA or XA2

How true. Just purchased my XA from Keh Camera and it is so fun to use!! I love compact rangefinders simply becausethey are so unique today. The picture quality is stunning!! The only other compact rangefinder that thrills me lie the XA, is the original Contax T.
I am thinking of getting a 2nd XA just as a backup.

Re: Re: Re: Re: XA or XA2

I have two XAs coming from ebay right now, and I intend to twin them in master-slave configuration and shoot stereo [3D] slides with them. For me the XAs were the easy choice vs XA-2s, because I can better control aperture and depth of field. I'm looking forward to them, they should be fun!


Batteries for XA cameras

Several Eckerd drug stores in my town are ringing up Duracell 76S silver oxide batteries (single cell, blister-packed on a black-and-orange hanging card)at 47 cents each.

These are the cells that work so well in my Vivitar 35ES (diode-adjusted to run a 1.5 volt cell), Olympus XA/XA2/XA3/XA4, Nikon FM/EM/FG, and a few other cameras.

These batteries normally retail for up to $3.99 or more, in U.S. dollars.

How to tell which ones to buy? On the battery rack, the Duracell 76S batteries have a blue band and the word "PHOTO" in white letters. Those with a green band are alkalines, and it doesn't ring up the

IMPORTANT: there is apparently a switch in packaging. Older packs (47 cents) have four squared corners on the card. The newer cards have a rounded upper right corner, and they don't ring up at 47 cents each.

I don't know whether this is consistent at all Eckerd stores. It's worked at two in my town (Rochester, NY). I'd recommend asking the sales clerk to price scan a battery card before purchasing.

Good luck!

-David K.