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xa.... why it is so slow?

it looks like my XA ...has kind of slow meter/shutter.

in a late afternoon (here in rome!) when the meter of my Praktica SLR ask me something like a 125/5.6 time exposure, the olympus xa meter says 30 (maybe 60?)/5.6 . and not only the meter says that...when i shoot the shutter is set on the time of the meter.

i made 2 rolls and they seems well exposed. now i'm trying a DIA.

however, this is typical of tha XAs?
sorry for my little english
thanks a lot

Re: xa.... why it is so slow?

I've seen this effect before on an XA I owned. Again, the pictures came out perfect. You could try setting the film speed higher so that the exposure matched your Praktica and shoot off a few frames. If the exposure is then OK, just use the higher film speed. If not, just put it down to one of life's mysteries!