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Re: Welcome XA Questions

I have carried my XA everywhere for last 20 Years This is certainly the most accessable camera for actually taking quality pictures

I am now trying to build a collection of all the XA Models produced and have a few questions and comments.

1. What colour XA2 and XA3 models actually exist?
I have red and blue XA2s with A11s and have seen
a white and a pink one I have heard rumours of
Green and Gold models
Jessops UK used to list Red White and Blue XA2
with A11 and XA3 Red with A11 only

I also have a Red XA3 with A11 and am only aware
of the Red model

2. It looks like the Red A11 flash on the XA3
is different from the coloured XA2 A11s
It has black Olympus badge on top and black
fixing knob
All the coloured XA2 A11s have no black Olympus
badge and the fixing knob is the same colour
as the camera

3. What XA models were produced with a Date Back?
I have only seen reference to a Black XA3
But have never seen one or a photo of one
Were coloured models produced?
Were These Japan only models?

4 Cases for XA I have a Tan Imitation Leather Pouch
case that will take XA with A11/A16 horizontally
I have seen a dark red Leather pouch case with the
Pink XA2 that will take XA2 and A11 Vertically
What else was available from Olympus?

5. I would like to see any photos of any of above

6. There is also good selection of XA coloured camera
photos on following web site

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Hi and welcome to the XA Forum. This is a general discussion area on anything related to the XA cameras.