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Batteries for XA cameras

Several Eckerd drug stores in my town are ringing up Duracell 76S silver oxide batteries (single cell, blister-packed on a black-and-orange hanging card)at 47 cents each.

These are the cells that work so well in my Vivitar 35ES (diode-adjusted to run a 1.5 volt cell), Olympus XA/XA2/XA3/XA4, Nikon FM/EM/FG, and a few other cameras.

These batteries normally retail for up to $3.99 or more, in U.S. dollars.

How to tell which ones to buy? On the battery rack, the Duracell 76S batteries have a blue band and the word "PHOTO" in white letters. Those with a green band are alkalines, and it doesn't ring up the

IMPORTANT: there is apparently a switch in packaging. Older packs (47 cents) have four squared corners on the card. The newer cards have a rounded upper right corner, and they don't ring up at 47 cents each.

I don't know whether this is consistent at all Eckerd stores. It's worked at two in my town (Rochester, NY). I'd recommend asking the sales clerk to price scan a battery card before purchasing.

Good luck!

-David K.