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XA accesories?

are there any accesories (anything --> lens, cases, flashes) that can still be purchased and are readily available? has anybody had successful modifications maybe?? lenses, filters? ahh! I love my XA and I just want moooore!


Re: XA accesories?

a11(simple,small and weak flash)
a1L(lithium-built in)-flash-very quick but weak like a11,
a16 with 4x um3(aa) most powerful but bigger flash.
i have built in anti-blue 81a-gelatine filter inside film-chamber. there is enough space. important when shooting slide-film which tend toward blue.
lens is a bit soft but pleasant. ligh-fall-off fully open.

Re: Re: XA accesories?

see comparison list of flash. guidenumber of a1L is a bit smaller than a11. it is said to be ideal for macro. i would anyhow use some special milky-paper or whatsoever for macro. most important feature of a1L: its weaker than a16 but you will not miss the shot. is a quick-flash(1.5 sec). i would like to know how to replace battery. how to open the case.

there is a nice red bag with good protection. one can use it with large a16-flash. handstrap looking out. bag must be seperated for shooting.