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Problem with Using XA

I own an XA which I purchased used. But I have trouble seeing the information at the left hand side of the viewfinder. It seems to fade in and out and I have to be very careful about how I place my eye against the viewfinder or else the information doesn't seem to be visible. I don't seem to have this problem with other compact cameras and rangefinders.
Also, the rangefinder display in the viewfinder seems to have very low contrast, and it's hard to set the camera accurately for distance.
Anyone know if my experience is normal, or is this unique to my XA? Comments would be apppreciated!

Re: Problem with Using XA

I have had two XAs, never had your experience, and never heard of it before. That's not helpful, but the best I can do.

Re: Re: Problem with Using XA

sorry, but you must be blind! exact this problem has the oly xa

Re: Re: Problem with Using XA

Bought a vintage Oly XA recently 12-08, I agree... you have to align your eye a little in the viewfinder/ rangefinder takes a little getting used to. I am going to try Fuji iso 200 and process it somewhere other than Walgreens (USA)> I was disappointed in my first low light pics with their film.