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XA repair

Icannot advance the shutter on my xa even with new batteries...any suggestions on where to send it for repair??
thank you

Re: XA repair

Where bouts in the world are you?? Not that i know anywhere but it would help narrow it down.

Re: Re: XA repair

That happened to mine about 10 years ago. There was a fellow up in Maine who used to work for Olymus repair. I sent my camera to him--twice. Both times it came back with the shutter lockup problem you describe. He and gave up. He said he "demagnitized it" and cleaned it, whatever. I took the batteries out, tossed it in a box. I found the box a few years later, put new batteries in and it works fine. Still does. BUT, now both of my flashes, A11 and A16 have died! Any idea how to repair those?

Re: XA repair

Try k.E.H
in Atlanta, Ga. They fixed mine..