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XA Flash compatibility

Just bought an XA with an A9M flash on ebay. Researched some sites before purchasing; they mentioned the available flashes, but did not say the A9M was not compatible with the XA...only mentioned the differences between them. Somewhere I just read that the A11 is the only one that works with the XA. The camera just arrived today, so haven't had a chance to shoot off a roll. In testing the camera and flash, the flash does work when I turn it on and press the shutter. I don't see where it's not compatible. Anyone have any explanation or advice on this? Thanks, Barbara

Re: XA Flash compatibility

Hi Barbera, I don't know anything about the A9m flash unit, but if you have an Olympus XA camera then you can definately use either the A11 or A16 flash units. The A16 is more powerful but I've never seen one for sale anywhere, you mighr be able to find an A11 or A16 on Ebay. Hope this helps, goodluck.
Stu 6 Jan 07