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XA2 lens cap/slide problem

I accidentally dropped my XA2 on the ground today and the slider that covers then lens popped off at the bottom and after I snapped it back in, it won't lock when its open or closed. It just slides back and forth way easier than it should. It also doesn't stay on when its open all the way, it has to be in the 'perfect' spot in order to shoot a photo. Is there anyway I can fix this on my own or am I going to have to take it to a repair shop?


Re: XA2 lens cap/slide problem

There is a tiny little pin that rests in a spring loaded recess below the cover at the top of the camera.

When your cover snapped off, that pin was lost.

I have an XA with the pin missing and I have to hold the cover open by hand to work the camera.

I think if I find a stainless nail or brad of the correct thickness (thin-ness?) that I can cut off a piece and make it work as a replacement.

Re: XA2 lens cap/slide problem

Just for the record -- there is a barrel-shaped "roller" that goes in a rectangular opening between the top cover and the sliding "clam shell" lens cover. You can fabricate a replacement for the missing stainless steel part using a short length of round brass stock from a hobby shop or the like.

Remove the bottom cover (5 screws) and lift the sliding cover out from the bottom to remove it. Get a piece of brass rod approximately the same width as the rectangular opening and snip off a small piece to fit. Lay it in the opening and replace the sliding cover and bottom -- should be good as new.