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XA problem with the

Hi all, I'm facing a problem with my lovely XA, when I press the shutter, the self timer automatically works, even if it's not on the self timer position. Very weird..

So, when I press the shutter, I need to wait around 12 sc to take the picture....not very practical as u can imagine..
It was working well before.. If any of you have an idea????
I would very appreciate !

Thanks in advance!
btw, great idea this forum and very useful :-)

Re: XA problem with the

Old OP, I know, but thought I'd respond anyway.

Selftimer always on an XA is an IC failure. Only solution would be to replace either the IC (something like 16 legs or so as I recall -- difficult but possible, if you can find a functional one of the same generation), or the main circuit itself. In other words, not really practicable.

Re: XA problem with the

There is sadly not much you can do if it's an electronic issue - other than try different batterues, hold the button down etc but more in hope that expectation!!!! Ebay for a new one perhaps.