Random Acts Of Kindness - Where did you get yours? What kind of Random Acts are you performing?

Use this message board to leave messages and posts about how and where you received a Random AOK Card and your comments on it!

Also leave NEWS about how you are performing Random Acts, and making a difference in the lives of others!

Random Acts Of Kindness - Where did you get yours? What kind of Random Acts are you performing?
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Random Act Of Kindness I did.

First of all I jus want to say thank you Ian soo much for coming to SLC 2010 in Meadow Lake, Sask. I had soo much fun and I didn't want to leave. You truly inspired me in so many ways and you, and our other speakers we had, changed my life forever in a great way. When our SRC from Estevan, Sask. returned home on Friday at about 7:15 p.m. me and my friend, Brooke, were very excited to be back in time for a Youth Group that we go to every Friday. We were a little late but that is okay. Me and Brooke went and we spreaded our spirit and kindness to everyone there. We were both so happy and cheerful and encouraged everyone to be the same as us. Me and Brooke were walking around and we saw this boy that seemed so alone and sad. So we approached him and started talking to him and asking if he would like to come and hang out with us for a while, at first he said "no thanks I'm fine." So me and Brooke just left it alone for then and went about talking to all our friends saying how much we had had the past three days. Then about half hour to fourty five minutues before Youth ended me and Brooke decided to go find the guy again and ask how his night was. We got his name, and we gave him ours, we got his cell number, and he got ours, we stood there and talked to him about different, casual talk. He seemed so happy. When it was time to leave we asked him how his night was and he said it was "Good." Me and Brooke felt so good about ourselves because we got it from "okay" to "good". We were leaving and we told him before we leave, "Bye we will text you when we get home!" And we both did. And we assured him that we were always there if he ever needed to talk, or needed a shoulder to lean on, anything. After that night her and I both realized that we had made a difference in this guys life and let him know that he had friends and that there was always someone there if he ever felt insecure or just needed to have a good time. I hope to do more random AOK's and I know I will try my absolute hardest. I do strongly now believe that one person can make a huge difference in this world, and continue the chain reaction of kindness. Thank you so much Ian you have truly touched my heart, and I'm sure most of the others' as well at this past conference. Thanks again, and to anyone else who reads this, encourage everyone around to do the same thing and continue the chain reaction of kindess. :) <3
-Emily Hegland
Estevan Comprehensive
SLC 2010