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Re: Re: Class of 1982 20-year reunion

For anyone who has uploaded a picture and noticed that

bloeffler75075, or Bill has the "upload" credits:

This is a good question, and the answer is quite simple. When someone adds a photo into the photo albums, we look at the size of the file too. If the file size is large, we "save" the photo, and reload it's copy. For some reason, this takes the file size down a lot, enabling a lot more photos to be included the album. Yahoo allows us a maximum

amount of photo albums space to store photos.

We are not trying to take ownership at all of any pictures. (I give credit to the person who added the photo every chance I get). Anyone can save a photo to their computer, and then reinstall it, and it would show up as a smaller file size. If you would like the photo deleted, contact Bill, or me...either one of us can delete the photo

from the album, and then you can reinstall it (if you will )Then that will give you the controls (to edit or delete the photo) back.


Bill Loeffler (one of the managers of the club)was the person who changed the photo. He is a really nice person, and is not out to make anyone mad here in the club. I hope you(or anyone else) isn't too upset over the change. It is reversible


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Replying to:

Hey Debbie,

I was going through this today and I noticed the picture I put in here of the reunion (that DID say it was placed by ginger352) is now saying it was put in by another member of the club. Who or why took this picture over? I would like to have the opportunity to edit or remove MY picture if I want to. How is it possible for someone else to do that and why would they want to??????