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This afternoon I received a decal package from Rich Krom at ROADBLOCKERS. Included were FD-3 BRUSH FIRE set, FD-3 Update (CalFire & USDA), FD-11 1/64th Scale Details, and FD-16 1/64th Chevron set.

First off, the quality is excellent. These are MICROSCAL produced, and the protective film is placed individually over each decal, so you don't have to go NUTS trimming each little piece. The film is thin, so your hard work won't look like like crap. I've used the Brush Fire set before for my USDA and CDF conversions, and never had one problem. The FD-3 Update includes the newer CAL FIRE sheild & script, plus additional USDA and BLM sheilds.

A newer offer is the FD-11 1/64th Scale Details. Just about everything a repainter (who isn't Code 3 Collectibles) needs to finish off their model. Even Civil Defense, RED CROSS, DOT placards, lights, grills, dashbords, pump dials, and manufacturer emblems. Something we've needed for years.

Finally, the FD-16 1/64th Chevrons. A multitude of different colors (RED, WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, AND glorious LIME). three different heights, plus right and left leaning chevrons. All very crisp. I've used model railroad chevrons before, and those sucked (too thin, transparent, and just too fragile). These are excellent.

Rich's website is:

I have been purchasing decals and detail items from Rich for over eight years and have always been much more than satisfied with his products. As I've posted, at a minimum, order a couple of the FD-11 1/64th Scale Details sets if you plan on repainting any 1/64th (or even a 1/50th or 1/86th) model.




Hate to post hijack, but wanted you to see this...

It's not a bluebird, but not bad price...

It is 1/64...

Much agreement on the Roadblockers comments, btw...



And Rich gets my endorsement, too. His detail decal sheet is useful for many different projects in many different scales and is a necessity for any model builder needing just the correct detail to turn an indifferent piece into a real jewel.

Location: SLC, UT.


I'll vouch for Rich's decals, too.

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