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New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

Just seen on the Matchbox Collectors Community Hall that the second Pierce Dash pumper is coming out soon, lettered for Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Engine 14. It's white-over-lime yellow and the windows are clear this time, as is the lightbar. Wheels are the same, though.

Re: New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

Some over at another board are reporting that these are now showing up in some Wal-Marts.

Location: Baltimore

Re: New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

Try this link to see the photos on the Matchbox Board.

Location: Tacoma, WA

Re: New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

I read, too, that a solid red one will be coming out soon as well. Didn't say from what department, though.

Re: New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

Solid red one is supposed to be marked for San Diego.

Any idea if the DFW runs a pierce as Engine 14? I know El Segunda E31 was based on a real rig--and having seen the pictures of the real one, MB did a GREAT job!

Re: New Matchbox Pierce pumper-DFW E-14

John A, Did a little looking and found these sites. The last one is from Dallas-Fort Worth Fire Equip News.

12/12/008 D/FW Airport - took delivery of their first Pierce PUC pumper. I have included a picture of it. It has TAK-4, Frontal Airbags, Side Roll Protection, 750 water with a 1500 gpm PUC Pump with pump and roll, an Elkhart front turret, Husky foam and Hercules CAFS, Harrison 10KW generator and lights, etc. Thanks to Travis at Martin Fire Apparatus

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