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Colorado State Patrol go's after decal seller's

Re: Colorado State Patrol go's after decal seller's

The City of New Jerk, not the PD, not the FD, but the "City" started this crap. The taxpayers paid for those and as such they are the public domain. Won't be long and those of you who photograph the cars will be hit with a copywrite letter along with a bill for taking the photos.

If anything, they should be pleased that there is an interest in their departments (other than lawsuits against them). They should see this as an opportunity at good P.R. instead of the Big Bully Image they are choosing to cultivate.

Re: Colorado State Patrol go's after decal seller's

Union Pacific Railroad tried that a few years ago with Model Train Manufacturers. They even went after a Company selling calendars with UP pictures in them and the calendars were made in England. Many years before that, UP and other railroads were paying model makers to do models of their railroad and then UP wanted money back. So much for good publicity. After about 18-24 months, UP backed down and dropped the copyright fee. Some people have a natural knack for screwing the best publicty forum around.

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