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This forum is for collectors of emergency vehicle models to discuss any aspect of the industry. Feel free to post comments on current releases, future models, items for sale/trade, or items wanted.

ATEV Information & Trading Board
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Once Again

What is it with all of you? Why do you continue to think I want all of this crap here on this message board?

If you have a problem with someone take it up with them. I don't care. I will not put up with this. I am tired of having to read posts about petty little squabbles. I am tired of having to delete in appropriate posts. This message board is for talk about the hobby of emergency models and the like. It is not to be used as a forum to vent your laundry about other collectors and message boards.

If you don't like the way another board is being run, content etc, then simply don't visit that board. Be a productive and contributing "member" here. Use this space to promote the hobby.

Again, if you have a problem with a person, take it up with that person. Don't bring it here. If you can't deal with the person, be a man and walk away from the situation.

Frankly the events of the past couple months have made me wonder if there is a place for this message board anymore. Of late, this board has provided more negative information and atmosphere than positive. Take a look inside yourself, read your posts and see if this is really the person you are. If the tone of the board does not become more positive, then it will go away. Think about it. You are fighting about toys.

I do not have the time, desire or energy to moderate this forum 100%. I already do so for another message board. It is easier to close it down than baby sit. I do want this place to be a forum to freely talk about the hobby. I am asking nicely one last time to please keep it that way.


Location: Northwest PA

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