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This forum is for collectors of emergency vehicle models to discuss any aspect of the industry. Feel free to post comments on current releases, future models, items for sale/trade, or items wanted.

ATEV Information & Trading Board
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I hope that this board does not go away because of recent postings. I may or may not agree with what is said but I will not reply to them. Why:
1. I see that when you do you get accused of being a defender of what or who is being attacked. No one out there needs me to defend them.
2. Some people thrive on this type of banter. Notice how quick when you reply either negative or for the subject someone will jump in with a reply. It just keeps multiplying and nothing really comes of it but headaches for Jeff and the possiblity of losing this site.
I know we all have a right to our opinions and to dislike, hate someone that has done something to us as individuals but this is not the forum for these attacks. I have a right to hope that some out there will give up on the negativity that has been coming out in recent posts. I for one read all posts but again WILL NOT REPLY to negative ones. Maybe these individuals won't stop, as shown by post 3 hours after Jeffs message, but if we don't give them fodder back it might be one way to reduce this type of posting. My two cents. To Jeff thanks for stepping in when you did to take this site over. To bad the headaches come with it.

Location: California

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