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Converting a HW Ecto-1 into a Caddy Ambo

At the most basic level, pretty simple to do. Finally found one to customize yesterday. Basicially the plastic piece on the roof just unclips VERY easily. Removing the tampos on the door took a little leg work with both acetone and non-acetone paint remover and some Q tips. I don't have an ability to post a finished photo, but that's all I did, took off the roof piece and stripped the doors.

I may add a basic red cross on the door if I can find one (anyone got one or a templat the would work?)

Oh, when you remove the roof piece, it unfortunately is a sun roof underneath and not metal, but it's workable. All and all it compliments the MB 63 Caddy quite well.....but the MB Caddy still takes the cake!

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