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This forum is for collectors of emergency vehicle models to discuss any aspect of the industry. Feel free to post comments on current releases, future models, items for sale/trade, or items wanted.

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Has anyone purchased from this firm? I just stumbled across their web site and they have a lot of older Code 3 items at really good prices.

Just wanted to know if they were reputable before I placed an order.

Location: Canada


I would recommend you vist ebay, then make a decision to purchase or not. In my opinion, these are not the best prices. No offense to seller.



Prices seam quite high for most items. They want $49.99 for the Boston GMC Suburban. Guess supply and demand dictate here, good luck with that !!!!

Location: Mississauga, Ontario


i dealt with them on one occasion, strictly an impulse buy.
i needed another 3-pc "emergency!" set.
yeah, i paid a little above ebay, but i got the whole set then and there, without piecemealing or waiting around for seven days, although i do seem to remember them dragging their feet a little getting the shipment out.
no complaints here.

Location: metro DC


In regards to $50 for a Boston suburban--admittedly it's high, BUT, it's also a mint piece that's 13 years old....that originally retailed for $10.

Try finding a hard to find Matchbox or HW--that was 99 cents from 13 years ago MIB, and it's EASILY 12-18 dollars.....Over 1000% mark up....

All things relative.....this is "half" that.... many MIB pieces are still out there....

It's too $$ for me, but if it's the last piece you need to complete a set, it's worth it to you assuming you can afford it....


My parents bought me some Matchbox years and years ago when they were just 50 cents each. No windows, but better detail than anything out there except DINKY or Corgi.

But my opinion only. Their stuff has been crap for years, and fit only for the under 6 year old set.

Location: California

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