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Code 3 Price List?

Hi all,

It has been many years since I have participated in an ATEV site, and I was fortunate to be able to particpate in it when it was opened for the very first time. I am writing because I am considering offloading my Code 3 collection, which consists of (primarily) LAFD fire apparatus, including the very first series.

The reason I am writing is that I am wondering if there is an aftermarket price list floating around. There was an attempt at one many years ago, but I am not sure what the market has done lately. I want to sell at a fair price - I don't want to appear that I am screwing folks in pricing, and at the same time, I don't want to cheat myself either.

Some of you might recognize my name, and if you have dealt with me before, you know how you were treated.

Any help would be appreciated. I will submit a list of what I have in the near future. In the meantime, if you have a wishlist with offers, go ahead and drop me a line. Thanks and regards.

David Liske

Re: Code 3 Price List?


I remember you. It has been a while. As for values, well I don't know of any list that goes into the current values. The LAFD should do well. But the early releases were plagues by high release numbers. Plus now their detail pales compared to the current offerings.

A search of completed ebay auctions can give you an idea of what has been selling and at what prices. The tillers seem to do well. Suburbans seem to have almost no worth no matter the department. Engines are hit and miss.


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Re: Code 3 Price List?

I can remember after 9-11 the FDNY Suburbans selling for up to $35 each on ebay, when before the set of five could be purchased for $35 with shipping. The blue Hazelton had a couple of years in the twenties as I remember.

The first LA sets, with antenna should be worth issue (or more) value to collectors. Especially the yellow with an antenna. Don't forget the Canadian versions with the dual language boxes, and glossy cards.

Never did figure out why C3 never issued additional SUVs?

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Re: Code 3 Price List?

Crown Collector

Never did figure out why C3 never issued additional SUVs?

From a former dealer's perspective, they were a no money making flop. If they hadn't been in the early models, they would have been an absolute failure for the company.

As you stated, they were $35 for a set of 5 or $7 each. (The MSRP was $10 each) My landed cost was in the neighborhood of $6 each. You can't make a living on $1 a model with the low volumes they moved.

To add to this at $7 they were about twice as expensive as comparable models of the day. They really weren't any better then the Matchbox Premiere, Johnny Lightning or Racing Champions models. Each of them were considerably cheaper.

Lastly, they were a one trick pony. Only Suburbans and GMCs at that. Many of us dealers and collectors begged for more models, better price points, etc. When at a meting it was discussed to sell them at at even higher price we told them to forget it.

Some of the pieces we pushed for were:
Dodge Diplomat/Plymouth Fury
Ford Expedition
Crown Victoria (before RC and Spec Cast)


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Re: Code 3 Price List?

Hi guys,

Thanks for all of the info. I pretty much assumed I was going to have to go to Ebay...I was just hoping that someone put it all together in a "one stop" place. I don't have a whole bunch of stuff, so it should be relatively easy to do some additional research.

I'll have to look, but most of my series 1 stuff, I believe has antennas, including my Engine 51. Other than that series, I think I have some trucks, ambulances, and the subs.

I'll throw a detailed list up later. Work has been hell, and I haven't had much down time to spend on the computer.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the board still existed. I remember the "early" days as the the ATEV group was getting off the ground. NIce to see you are keeping it going Jeff. When one starts to look at the 'net, there isn't a whole bunch of die cast info out there...not like when it was in its "heyday."

Thanks for the help.


Re: Code 3 Price List?

Jeff, thanks for the explanation on the SUVs. I always thought it was just something to do with licensing from the car companies.

Good to see that you can still get information on this board (not like some of the other shill fire boards that just re-prints company propaganda, and are paid off in freebies).

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