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Code 3 website

Can anyone tell me why Code 3 has not updated their website (leaderline newsletter) in over month.


Location: Wisconsin

Re: Code 3 website

C3 quit doing the Leaderline Newsletter a couple of months ago. I guess they lost interest and with Dunkle leaving there was probably no one who wanted to spend the time required to write it.

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Re: Code 3 website

So... i have to become a member to view new models or upcoming events/ideas. I always looked forward to Fridays cause that was the update for code 3 website. They charge way too much for their models now and pay for a membership and get what? An already exsisting model repainted with collectors club logo that aint worth the membership. Whatever happened to collectors club trucks or how about giving members a better incentive than just 10.oo off a model... Thoughts?????

Location: Wisconsin

Re: Code 3 website

Think I'm going to start selling some of my collection... Anyone interested in

FDNY TL-79 or 111
FDNY Ladder 10
FDNY Ladder Box set 1st editions ladder 150 132 26
FDNY Scuba

Make an offer, all in domes never removed want pics let me know.

Thanks Aaron

Location: Wisconsin

Re: Code 3 website

As Paul said with John Dunkle leaving Code 3 it seems they haven't yet replaced him. It could be the Leaderline was John's idea and baby. I do know he took a lot of grief about his weekly announcements of nothing.

As for the $10 membership, it is worth it if you buy one truck. Perhaps it is worth it if you only want to see upcoming items as many do. There are plenty of other manufacturer sites for collectors that charge more and offer less.

I think the Code 3 site hey day has long passed. It has become just a manufacturer's website for product info. Not that this is a bad thing, it just is what it is. I would love it is they were like other manufactures and not sell on their site at all. That would put more product on the street. You would be able to walk in to a hobby shop or toy store and just buy the items.


Location: NW PA

Re: Code 3 website

Collectors have become disenfranchised with Code 3 because the 'open' line of communication has changed, as has their business mode to an extent.

To sell your models/collection because you have become frustrated with a company's business practices is like kind of silly; someone, somewhere who doesn't have those models and buys them will benefit, and will probably buy Code 3 current offerings. So Code 3 still gains.

Code 3 has changed and moved to Facebook, as have a lot of companies, to communicated with their customers. I'm not a fan of Facebook, due to it's privacy and stability issues, but a majority of people live and die by it, and it's easier to communicate I guess than via a site with a forum.

On a side note, a company run forum opens up that company to the vulnerability of personal attacks on their product or brand, diminishing their brand. I'm surprised Code 3 went back to a forum, after shutting down the original, which just got way out of hand.

I don't think there is any intention of replacing JD. Communication is being done by a nondescript marketing person. Code 3 will reveal details as they see fit; it's their product, so the reserve the right to change their offerings, or not offer anything at all.

I would have been nice to offer club members the chance at getting one of the remaining club ladder trucks for free. That kind of irked me when I saw that they were selling C3 CC remaining models. Does it want to make me sell the rest of my collection for spite - no. But I wont get another club membership. I never understood paying for the priviledge of getting a discount on something - it' not a 'discount' if you buy only one model. You have to buy at least 2 or more to make that $10 pay you back.

Location: New Jersey

Re: Code 3 website


And saying this, I mean that most of the information on that page really didn't add up to a hill of beans. C3 started off as the only firm that actually communicated with their collector base. Then they tried to mold and fashion they're hype in a way no one could understand, except for seeing deceipt in their message. I was hoping Dunkle was going to change that. He did somewhat, but I suppose that his bosses couldn't quite understand that the collectors were knowledgeable, and not idiots (sort of like the Koch Brothers have manipulated the Tea Party. However, they seem to have succeded).

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Re: Code 3 website

Code 3 is going to be history after X-mas

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