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Collector Question

Aaron's post about the Code 3 site got me to thinking because he implied he was getting rid of the Code 3 models because he is not happy with the current state of Code 3. I have seen this on several other websites by other collectors as well It is not just limited to Code 3 either.

my question is why would you get rid of something just because you do not like the current offerings? To my this is like saying I am getting rid of my 63 Corvette because the new ones don't interest me.

I can understand if you are changing subjects or lost interest in the product all together. But most of the posts go like this:
" That's it. I'm done. The new stuff from XYZ stinks. They stink and their mothers stink. I am getting rid of all my old models and I am done with them all together."

I know i have purchased less and less Code 3 (as well as others) over the past few years. But last night when I looked in my case to add a new model, I realized just how nice some of the old models are.


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Re: Collector Question

Possibly, most of the time they are just running their mouth off, but also, there is the possibility, that they had commited themselves to getting the whole collection, and now that some of the pieces are not to their liking, then collecting the whole series is now a no-go.
I must admit that I felt that way when I made the same decision, only for C3 to start doing stuff that was not firetruck model related,(soft toys and stuff) and multiple company numbers.
Oh, and some stuff that as I was in the UK and not at one of their shows, I had not a chance in hell of getting one anyway.
However, C3 made the decision for me, by refusing to send international orders by USPS, and insisted they went fedex.
Fedex in the UK are one of the companies who love to rip off the little guy, by insisting that the freight charge added to the cost of the model, means they can charge 17.5% sales tax, on the model and shipping, as well as 10% imposrt tax, and then charge you, the model collector anther $20 surcharge for doing this.
I could not justify paying a total of $120 for a $50 toy.
The last 2 I bought were the 2 CFR's they did,and as all my collection is up in my attic, doing nothing, I could do with getting rid of it anyway now, but there are not many C3 collectors in the UK who have not already got the ones they want.

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Re: Collector Question

Not quite the same as a 63 Corvette

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Re: Collector Question


I have been disposing of quite a few pieces out of my collection, including most of my HO and Code 3 items. Still have quite a few more to get rid of. Have been concentrating on the years 1925-1955, plus some of the M-Box & corgi Pieces. Have quite a few cast iron pieces, as well as older diecast and plastic items....Paul T.

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Re: Collector Question

Hesus' Murumba: I have at least 100 older (1997-2002) C3s in origonal packages, plus two display cases full. Just collecting dust because collectors finally got sick and tired of C3 management, BS, and their over-priced shipping. I can see why people are so annoyed with this firm, that they won't buy their product. I'll be stuck with these items until the Earth ends on December 21, 2012.

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