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As this is an Emergency Vehicle Collectors Forum I am posting information on a Charity Auction that is starting today by The U.S. and Canadian Die-Cast Police Car Replicas Forum. This idea came about by one of our members immediately after the Earthquake and Subsequent Tsunami that occurred in Japan and has finally come to fruition.

Up for auction is a Custom Made 1:18th scale UT Chevrolet Caprice Police Car. This car is a culmination of the efforts by numerous members of our forum. The member who initiated this project, and who painted and built the model, started out with a “derelict” Caprice while other members provided spare parts, custom made parts, accessories, a customized interior, custom graphics, and a website to conduct the auction from. The latter member's website will allow public access to this auction by like minded hobbyist.

For those of you who may be interested in this auction I am posting three links for you to view… This link takes you to photographs of the replica where you can view the finished model sans antennas so the model can be shipped without damaging them.,4862.0.html... This link takes you to the section of the US and Canadian Police Car Forum where you can read the rules and information on how to place a bid on this car and how you can continue to monitor the progress of this auction.,4607.0.html... For those of you so inclined, this link will take you to a page on the US and Canadian Police Car Forum where you can view the full progress of this car from junk yard wreck to showroom finished model.

Regardless of whether or not you are bidding I encourage you to review this topic and see what went into the making of this model. While you are there, please feel free to peruse our forum and if you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me via the provided e-mail with this posting.

ALL PROCEEDS from this auction will be turned over to the American Red Cross - Japan Disaster Relief Fund at the conclusion of this auction and upon receipt of the payment by the winner at which time the replica will also be shipped to the winner as per the posted rules of this auction (Link #2 above).

I thank you and I hope some of you will be active participants in this auction…

Mark Bowden aka motorcade1


This Auction is over...

The winning bid for this car was $310.00. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross for Japanese Disaster Relief.

A heartfelt Thank You to all who may have participated in the bidding and ultimately the success of this Charity Auction.

Mark Bowden aka motorcade1


That sure was nice. What are you all going to do to help Joplin,MO.and the other areas affected by the Tornados?


E-mail reply sent.

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