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What are these?

On the following e-bay link, look at the "things" just below the headlights. They appear to have rubber gaskets. I've never seen these before. The you-tube video gives a better view of them. Any ideas?

Hope everyone is doing well.

Re: What are these?

Jeff, They are just access panels. On the non-low-pro cabs they sometime have lights. they are on all Seagraves but are usually painted the same color as the rest of the cab. These look like replacements and maybe they went with polished stainless rather than trying to match paint.

Re: What are these?

Thanks John. I've never seen those panels in polished SS or chrome, so I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I even thought they might be some sort of smoked acrylic lenses of some sort. Imagination is a wonderful thing when you are bored.

This is what I typically see...

Thanks again!

Re: What are these?

Yep that is typical. Look at the rubber gasket that goes around the panel. It is plain black rubber where the upper one and the one of the other Seagrave have a chrome strip. That is what makes me think it was a retrofit for who know what reason.

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