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This forum is for collectors of emergency vehicle models to discuss any aspect of the industry. Feel free to post comments on current releases, future models, items for sale/trade, or items wanted.

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This Board

OK So if you have cruised by here you have noticed it has been slow. OK it has been dead.

Today when I stopped by to do a little maintenance I got a message that the board was locked. I apologize for this. Apparently some how we reached a limit on the number of posts. However the stats on the home page and in my account show a much lower total than what shows up in another section. I tried to add more message space as I thought it would be easy. That required another year subscription and extra $$. Not what i really want to do with such a limited amount of posts. So I went through and did some cleaning. I removed a bunch of older posts, old sales and eBay posts to give us some room. I may have to do some more cleaning.

But that being said, should we try to continue this board or has it served its purpose and let it pass into the abyss? Post your thoughts, that is if anyone is out there.

Just a little something I whipped up.


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Re: This Board

As one of the very early people on this board when it was the "only game in town", so to speak, it is hard for me to say this, but I believe it is time to say goodbye.

I think it is safe to say that with very little in the way of new products for the collectors, many of those who once shared their thoughts on this board have lost interest in the hobby or have noting new to say since there is --nothing new to talk about!

Out of habit, I have continued to check the board nearly every day, but with no new posts in nearly three months, and only a handful since the first of the year, I say why waste your money. Its time to pull the plug. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

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Re: This Board


Thanks for keeping this board going for the past few years. Although I sort of agree with Ed, it would be a shame to see it go.

How about we try something...Everyone who reads this thread, simply say Hi if you have nothing to contribute. Let it run for a few weeks and we'll see who still visits.

Re: This Board

I too wondered what happened to this site. I also checked it almost every day but alas no posts. This board has been good to me over the years as I have disposed of my collection and made contact with several fine collectors. Never had any problems with sales. I was going to post for sale all my kitbash items that I have collected over the years as I no longer have a use for them.
Parkinson's disease ( tremors ) kinda ruled out model making anymore. If you may be interested in these parts email me for a short list.

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Re: This Board

As a longtime member of this Board I tend to agree that maybe now is the time
to say goodbye. By some miracle if you decide to keep it going I will do my
best to check it daily as I have done for years. Now that the trouble makers the A and A guys are gone would be a good time to rejuvenate it, but,
with our economy the way it is which in my opinion THE RIGHT is responsible
for perhaps a good political battle would be good for us, who knows?? However thanks Jeff for using your money and time to keep this board alive.

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Re: This Board

Just want to give a little input from a somewhat newbie.
I've been bashing for a short while(couple of years) And this site has been a big help as to locating parts and trucks that I can afford instead of rip off bay. I understand that stats are low and now its becoming kind of a thing of the past but as a disabled vet its been a life line for me. Just my thoughts
Thanks for all

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Re: This Board

Just a sign of the times in our modern world. Emergency vehicle collectibles have dropped off in availability substantially in the past few years( & in many cases, what is out there is back to the inaccurate toy days), most middle class folks have to work too much to make ends meet these days to have "play money," and "internet play time" is down as well. While I never like seeing a good site go away, it would be understandable.

Re: This Board

It's nice to see some comments again. But I guess I have to agree with some of the statements. The hobby has really suffered lately. Most of the big name vendors are gone, sales are down and so no one is really follwoing what is going on like they used to. I guess we can blame a lot on the economy. I know that I haven't made any major purchases for several years due to the higher costs and shortage of funds. I would hate to see the board go but I can also understand not investing a lot on money to keep it alive if its not being supported.

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