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This forum is for collectors of emergency vehicle models to discuss any aspect of the industry. Feel free to post comments on current releases, future models, items for sale/trade, or items wanted.

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Good Bye Code 3

Well, the time has come and Code 3 is no longer. As of Saturday the site has a farewell. On Friday it was still up. They had promised to leave up the archives but alas they have changed their minds. As someone who was involved from the beginning, being an original dealer, it is sad to see it come to an end. But, despite my optimism through the years, the writing was on the wall. I am glad I got out as a dealer when I did.

They built some of the best collectibles for the buck, but yet failed to thrive. But they did give me a change to collect models from my boyhood home, Port Chester NY; companies, I ran alongside, Mapleton; and my favorite all time rigs, the Super Pumper and Emergency squad.

I like many bought lots of models just because. Either they were cool looking; I thought I could use them down the road for trade bait or they continued a theme (This explains all those Chicago rigs in my collection. I know there are collectors selling off their models because they no longer have new ones to add. This befuddles my thinking but each of us collects in our own way.

I had fun collecting and their models still hold a place in my limited display case. They always will.

One of my favorites.


Location: NW PA

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