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Packing options for out-of-box models


I am looking for some advice. I am planning to sell pretty much my entire collection of fire related diecast (more than 200 Code 3, Corgi, Boley, Athearn, Yatming, Matchbox etc. combined) in the not so distant future. The issue I face is I have on display a number of vehicles and I no longer have any of the original packaging. What is the best way to pack a loose vehicle? Do you use a styrofoam wrap first around the truck, then pack it firmly in a box with styrofoam packing peanuts? Other options? What is the best way to minimize the risk of any shipping damage?


Location: Ottawa, Canada

Re: Packing options for out-of-box models

All 300+ of my models survived a recent move, and I have sold and shipped others internationally with no complaints so far.

Put in a Zip-Loc bag, seal it, then roll it up in bubble wrap. Two or three layers is enough. After that, you can pack it in a box with up crumpled newspaper.

Re: Packing options for out-of-box models

Thanks for the advice Steve. Very much appreciated.

I'll post on here within the next month or so as to what's up for sale.


Location: Ottawa, Canada

Re: Packing options for out-of-box models

I have had good success with wrapping them in bubble wrap with the bubble side in. I use the small sized bubbles and wrap firm enough to stay on but loose enough to not break parts. Then they go in a zip lock bag labeled for what the model is.

When opening I open over a towel to catch anything that may have broken off. I often cut them open just to save handling.


Location: NW PA

Re: Packing options for out-of-box models

When I moved my many-hundreds collection years ago, I utilized under-bed plastic boxes. These are just a bit taller than wrapped models, and were thus perfectly sized.

Each model was wrapped using bubble wrap. Roll the model in a section longer than the model, then fold and tape the ends to the top of the wrapped model.

Worked like a charm.


Re: Packing options for out-of-box models

I packed up my collection back in 2002 when I moved to GA. Each truck was wrapped in bubble wrap and then taped. They were then packed insde a good quality u-haul box. Some have not been out of the box since then due to moving every couple of years and no room to display them. The ones I did unpack were in good shape and showed no signs of problems.

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