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1:64 scale red flashers

I'm kit bashing an Amercom Mack CF Rescue. The red flashers and scene lights on the sides of the piece are painted on. I am looking to replace the paint with something that looks more 3D. Any suggestions on what to use? I've been trying to find something in plastic model parts that I can use but haven't found anything yet. Any help would be appreciated.

Location: Boston

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

take a look at a YouTube video that has some in 1/24 scale but may be available in 1/64 ;
Go to: custom 24th scale matchbox kme
This will bring up the video and other info in the comments.

Location: Southeast Mich.

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

Thanks Jim I'll take a look.

Location: Boston

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers


I use the crystals for all sorts of lights on my trucks. I like the 2 mm and 3 mm square for scene lights. Some of them are a bit too reflective in the clear so a little dull coat helps.

I haven't bashed the Amercom models but many of the details are raised relief. Are you sanding them off and replacing them with crystals? If not try silver paint marker and then clear colored pain or marker over top. I have even used Bare Metal Foil then the colors.


Location: NW PA

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

Has LEDs as small as 1.8mm . . . should be fine for 1/64 work.

Location: United States

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

Thanks Ray for the info. I'm not close to the level of adding working lights, but that info will be very useful when I give it a shot.

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

Go to

Take a look at the "flat back" rhinestones. They have them down to 2mm in size, both round and square, clear and red. They look great on 1:64.

Re: 1:64 scale red flashers

Thanks Steve, will do

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