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"Brittle" Code 3

Anyone ever see a model warp and become brittle? I have the FDNY Battalion 44 set and the black undercarriage has warpped and has become very brittle. I mean it will crumble if not handled carefully. Any thoughts?

Location: Wilmington, MA

Re: "Brittle" Code 3

The FDNY tillers have been known to have metal fatigue. My BOT tiller had the bumper break off. So far that is all the damage I have had.

Others have reported warping and bowing chassis as well. Nothing you can do to prevent or stop it. Lots of older models have this problem. Some batches and makes are more prone than others.


Re: "Brittle" Code 3

I have 2 of the FDNY TDA's with the same problem. Reminds me of problems seen in older model trains from the 30's & 40's that were made out of what was called "pot" metal.

Location: Richmond, Va

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