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Good Training & Upgrades

Many thanks for the great training. I learned much from your hands-on techniques. You pointed out special techniques that have improved my sharpening skills and have taken the beveled edge to a whole new level.

Also, I greatly appreciate all the upgrades you performed on my Twice as Sharp. Your clamp modifications and the diamond wheel have improved my ability to create high quality edges with minimal effort and material removal.

What I am most excited about is the flat hone attachment you made for my Twice As Sharp. Having the flexibility to use one machine for several different operations is AWESOME.

Not only can I do all grooming and barber shears but I can now sharpen high end salon shears effortlessly. All on one machine!

You provided a very good product and equally important are your machining skills. I am on my way to building my business.


Bob Hunt
Oceanside, CA

Re: Good Training & Upgrades

Hi bob,

It was a pleasure training you! Your skill level and ability to learn new things made it very easy on my part. Please come back after you get into the market place and let us know how your sharpening is received by your customers. I would love to hear some of the feedback you get from your customers