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Florist's Scissors

I was in line at the supermarket and when the subject of scissors came up
(I try to bring up that subject at every opportunity) this florist person asked if
I did scissors for their line of work and asked me to stop by her shop "sometime".
I'm wondering if 35 degree bevel is appropriate for scissors doing that kind of job or if 45 degree bevel would be better.
My thinking is that plant stems are like grass and tree branches and maybe should be sharpened with an angle more closely related to a lawn mower blade.
Any thoughts?


Re: Florist's Scissors

All you have to do is say yes I do those and when you get them measure the bevel that is already on them. If it is a 45 then sharpen them to 45, if it is a 35 then sharpen them to 35. Ask them if they worked well when they were new and if they say they liked them then don't change the bevel, but if they say they would like them a little sharper than when they were new then go to a sharper bevel, but I probably wouldn't go past 45 unless there was a reasonto do so.