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Charging Postage

I can see that to work my area for sharpening, I will have to cast my net rather widely.
I'm surely going to have to go mobile eventually and that may mean some mix of personal delivery and using the mails.
Can I expect some customer resistance to postage charges or do they pretty well accept it?
Personally, I'd have trouble paying six bucks for shipping on an a twelve dollar ticket.
Any thoughts?

Re: Charging Postage

Customers know that when they mail you something to be mailled back that somebody has to pay for it. I would set a minimum of $50.00 to $100.00 for free shipping back to the customers. You can also sharpen out of the back seat of your car by using a small table and chair along with a Stanley Fat Max (like I showed you when you were here) to carry all of your equiptment into the shop.