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Rotary scissors

I got an inquiry about sharpening these pizza disk like cutters.
They are about two inches in diameter and have an 8mm hole in them.
Never seen them before but fabric shops and quilters use them quite a bit.
Looks like a guy could make a jig to hold them at a chosen angle to the wheel while rotating them.
Seems like there are quite a few of these cutters out there and the effort if making a jig might be worth the trouble over time.
Any thoughts?

Re: Rotary scissors


Wolf sells a fixture that will fit a Twice as Sharp machine and may also fit your machine as well? The fixture costs $652.00 and will do all rotary blades up to 4" in diameter. It would be possible to make you own fixture. Take a look at the one Wolf sells and it should give you plenty of ideas on how to make one if you decide to do that instead of buying from Wolf.


Re: Rotary scissors

Hi Greg,

You may find this video helpful.

I sharpen larger 6-8" midland trim, splice, and finish blades for a few printing companies on a modified TAS. I use a slide out propane tank holder found on most Kitchen aide grills and a satellite mount that holds a large magnet simular to that in the video. I will take some pictures of what I'm using and share them later tonight.

Re: Rotary scissors

Yeah guys-
I don't see putting six or seven hundred bucks in this thing this month.
But I'm having fun seeing what I can cobble together.
My goal is to have something serviceable by the end of the week.
Watch us grow!

Re: Rotary scissors

I'd be interested in snapshots of your set up.
Couldn't get the the website you list.
I get a 'not available' signal.
I have put together something that is serviceable but not ideal.
Used the magnet idea though and it works great.